Madison Community Arts Center (Rose Hall)07940, NJ, United States

Madison Mostly Dance Festival | Call Me Dancer by Leslie Shampaine & Pip Gilmour

By Madison Arts and Culture Alliance (other events)

Saturday, April 27 2024 7:30 PM 9:30 PM EDT

This documentary follows Manish Chauhan, a street dancer from Mumbai, whose working-class parents depend on their only son's support. When he accidentally walks into an inner-city dance school and encounters a brilliant but curmudgeonly 70-year-old Israeli ballet master, a hunger develops within him. Ambitious and passionate, Manish is determined to make it as a professional dancer, but the odds are stacked against him.  

CALL ME DANCER is a story of hope, heartache, and hard work. Together, Manish and Yehuda transform each other’s lives, searching to uncover who and what they are. Yehuda seeks purpose and a place to call home. Manish dreams of dancing on the world-stage but struggles to break free from the confines of his economic and social circumstances.

This is an inspired and evocative portrait of the travails and triumphs of the human spirit.  A rich, lush and beautiful film that is charmingly engaging, energetic, humorous, serious, and everything in-between. CALL ME DANCER has been winning awards on the festival circuit this year.