Madison Community Arts Center (Rose Hall)07940, NJ, United States

B.E.A. Arthurson Is Judging You | A Benefit for Mutual Morris

By Madison Arts and Culture Alliance (other events)

Saturday, April 20 2024 7:30 PM 9:30 PM EST

B.E.A. Aurthurson is JUDGING YOU.

Beatrix Eglantine Aurthurson, lauded as the world’s premiere Bea Arthur Impersonator is coming to your town to read you. No, not to read TO you, to read you. Why? Because reading is what? Fundamental. She will also sing songs at you and talk about The Golden Girls, Maude, Mame and maybe even The Star Wars Holiday Special. 

Stand-up, live-singing, merriment and regret. The Man in the Moon is a bitch. 

Jason B. Schmidt is the Artistic Producer of The Golden Gays™, the *live-singing* Golden Girls Drag Troupe. He has been doing a Bea Arthur sendup since 2010 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in a theatre that sometimes had air conditioning… in July. He’s a graduate of Adelphi University and has performed alongside Joey Arias, Sherry Vine, Flotilla DeBarge and Chris March.
The Golden Gays™